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Our carpets collections

Our collections include different models of classic and modern carpets that can adapt to all types of parts and dimensions to meet your requirements.

Unique Caret & Home - Gio Ponti carpets


Gio Ponti

The carpets of the Gio Ponti collection are masterpieces in wool and wool & silk, a complement that brings harmony to the home.


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Unique Carpet & Home - Persian carpets



The carpets from the Persia collection are among the most beautiful rugs in the world and are highly prized due to their unique quality and high-quality materials.

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Unique Carpet & Home - Kelims Carpets



Kilims are hand-woven carpetss made of wool and cotton. This carpet will go perfectly in any room of your home as it is an essential complement that adds warmth and personality to rooms.


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Unique Carpet & Home - Vintage Carpets



The Vintage collection is a modern interpretation of the ancient oriental rug. Each rug is virtually unique, created by young artists. Its faded color and old appearance finds its place perfectly in a modern and design environment.


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Unique Carpet & Home - Brillant Collection



Brillant is a luxurious collection of contemporary designer carpets. Original creations, hand-knotted with the highest quality of wool and silk, which express a totally modern style in line with the most sophisticated needs of today's design.


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Unique Carpet & Home - Ariya Carpet



Ariya Collection is the finest work of contemporary and classic carpets. The value of these works is highlighted through fine processing and the use of very precious materials. These characteristics make the Ariya Collection the most refined and elegant solution in keeping with the highest traditions of carpets.


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Unique Carpet & Home - Heritage Carpet



Heritage is an extensive collection of beautiful, internationally recognized antique and new carpets that will appeal to amateurs and collectors alike. The collection contains works from countries with the strongest tradition in carpet art. Each piece is the result of meticulous research and selection by Unique Carpets.


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Unique Carpet & Home - Skins and leather Carpets


Skins and leather

Trendy and very design, leather carpetss are a marvel to dress your floors with taste. The leather carpets is a fun and decorative trick.


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Unique Carpet & Home - Children Carpet



Important collections of carpets for children made available to you with quality, depth and diversification both in terms of age and furnishing. With Disney each year new brands already successful, such as Trudy, Hello Kitty, Sevi, Marvel known and loved by several generations, dedicated to children and adolescents. The children's rugs collection, complying with the strictest regulations on the health and protection of children, are guaranteed for Allergy quality and built using manual and mechanical techniques.

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Unique Carpet & Home - Full of life carpet


Full of life

If you want to achieve a touch of style to your living room or renew a bedroom. What could be better than a beautiful "disheveled" and colorful carpet. The carpets in our Full of Life collection are contemporary rugs with roots in pop art that are characterized by tufts of long pile anchored to a solid base. The various strands of rug damage the characteristic “cloud” appearance, are as soft and supple enliven the rug as no other type of texture can bring new energy to the environment in which it is placed.

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